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Premiere Asset Services (PAS) REO

Premiere Asset Services (PAS) is one of the largest REO management companies. The company acts as a third party outsourcer for the management of bank owned reo homes. PAS REO is a division of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage that specializes in providing automated valuation and reo related services. In addition to managing Wells Fargo REO properties, PAS REO also counts about 30 clients that include major mortgage bankers, servicers, insurers, investment bankers and governmental agencies.

PAS REO has demonstrated ability in effectively managing REO homes repossessed by banks after foreclosure proceedings. They manage an REO portfolio of about 40,000 residential properties due to their leading technology platform. PAS REO has the scale in terms of trained professionals, financial resources and technology to manage large reo inventory portfolios.

In addition to listing residential and commercial reo properties, PAS REO also conducts bank owned property auctions regularly. The website of PAS REO currently redirects to reo.wellsfargo.com as the site is integrated under the Wells Fargo’s main site.

The PAS REO portal provides all the necessary tools for online management of reo properties. Real estate agents interested in becoming approved REO agents with PAS can use the portal to sign-up and submit their application. Once approved, agents, brokers and realtors can expect to receive Wells Fargo REO property listings and BPO orders. Other lenders and banking institutions who use the services of PAS REO submit their REO inventory through the online portal.

REO agents can submit their offers to Premiere Asset Services through their eFAX number: 855-694-0268. For any other queries real estate professionals can contact them through their email: pasagents@wellsfargo.com. For questions related to Wells Fargo REO, agents, investors and home buyers can use their toll free number: 866-518-2164.


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