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Louisiana Hard Money Lenders

Ever Bank
Address: 8100 Nations Way
Jacksonville, Florida – 32256
Phone Nos: 800-598-5626
Fax No: 904-245-7326
E-Mail: Summer.Butler@everbank.com
Web Site: http://www.everbankwholesale.com/EverBankLOS/home.jsp
Contact Person: Summer Butler

Loan Types: Residential and Commercial
Anglo-American Financial, LLC
Address: 675 Berkmar Court
Charlottesville, Virginia – 22901
Phone No: 305-529-4857
Fax No: 305-443-4282
E-Mail: robinrodriguez@anglofinancial.com

Web Site: http://www.anglofinancial.com
Contact Person: Robin Rodriguez
Loan Types: Residential and Commercial
AgriCap Financial Corporation
Address: 99 Pacific St. Suite 155D
Monterey, California – 93940
Phone Nos: 213-5425232
Fax No: 213-687-8333
E-Mail: sales@agricap.com
Web Site: http://www.agricap.com
Contact Person: Richard Kostkas
Loan Types: Residential and Commercial
GMC Mortgage Capital, LLC
Address: 6000 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida – 33140
Phone No: 954-681-4222
Fax No: 954-379-4421
E-Mail: info@gmcmtgcap.co
Web Site: http://www.gmcmtgcap.com
Loan Types: Commercial
Meecorp Capital Markets
Address: 2115 Linwood Avenue, Suite 301
Fort Lee , New Jersey – 7024
Phone No: 201-944-9330
Fax No: 201-944-9332

E-Mail: principal@meecorp.com
Web Site: http://www.meecorp.com
Loan Types: Residential and Commercial